Tooling Department

Grinding Equipment
6 – Okamoto 6″ X 18″ Precision Surface Grinders with + 0.00002″ resolution
DRO’s. K.O. Lee Tool and Cutter Grinder
4 Suburban Master Grind cylindrical grinding and precision indexing tools
Delta carbide tool cutter

DME single lip cutter grinder

Tooling Quality

The staff in our grinding room work diligently to ensure the tolerance accuracy (+/- 0.0002). Quality Assurance documentation is completed by each of our toolmakers and apprentices throughout their process.

Milling Equipment
Hurco Machining Center- BMC 3017 – Performance Series 15 HP; axis travel: longitude (x) 30″, cross (y) 17″, head (z) 24″
2 Bridgeport 9″ x 42″ vertical milling machines¬†
Millport 10″ x 50″ vertical mill with Anilam 1100 – 3 axis CNC control¬†

Millport 10″ x 50″ vertical mill with DRO

The machining center allows us to complete milling projects in less than half the normal shop time. This gives us the edge on competitive pricing! The Hurco can virtually cut any three dimensional shape or design

EDM Equipment
Sodick Wire EDW Mark 21
Sodick K1CN Hole Shooter
2 Hansvedt M-Pulse CNC EDM


Turning Equipment / Cutting & Welding Equipment:
Clausing Colchester 125″ x 60″ Engine Lathe
4″ x 6″, 10″ x 15″ Horizontal Cut Off Saws
12″ x 5.5″ Vertical Band Saw
Lincoln ARC/TIG Welder – Lincoln MIG Welder (Wire)

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter, .375″ maximum thickness


Heat Treatment and Finishing Equipment:
Heat treatment and draw ovens (nitrogen atmosphere)
Trinco sandblaster
Cyclone glass bead blaster