We use a special high strength fast machining Aluminium Alloy for plastic molding tool construction. Fast machining means less time and less cost. In our system, we create what we call “tool inserts”, a cavity and core to make the injection molded parts. We take those Aluminium inserts and bolt them into our reusable mold bases, that we turn load into an injection molding machine to produce the plastic parts.

Most other companies sell a complete mold rather than just the “inserts”.

The picture at the right shows a conventional complete mold, one that can be put into almost any molding machine of the right capacity.
To help us stay cost effective, with our system we charge only for the “cavity and core” to make the part. This system is best suited for low to medium volume production. The inserts themselves are normally in good working condition after even 100,000 or more shots, so tool life is excellent, however it depends on the materials being processed.

Glass filled materials wear the tools more than unfilled materials. The advantage of our system is that tooling is significantly less expensive.

complete mold
While we manufacture some tooling in house we also work with a number of excellent tool shops, that use EDM and conventional tools as well as CNC shops that can convert CAD drawings quickly into Aluminium tool inserts.
Our Alibre 3D CAD system allows us to read and use imported CAD files in iges, step, sat, formats.

We run a full range of materials with the exception of PVC which requires special venting to handle dangerous off gassing.
Aluminum Insert Tool
The picture at the left shows the Aluminium core and cavity which is the two aluminum pieces that have red cooling hoses attached to them. All the other parts are our reusable mold base that we attach the aluminum inserts to.

We demonstrate our confidence in this technology by our mould life guarantee. If the mould gets worn out, the mould will be replaced at no cost. Some restrictions apply: Not suitable for glass filled materials and the mould must be the exact duplicate of the original part.

Universal Gravo-Plast has been producing fabricated boxes and plastic stands, parts for the point of purchase display business for several decades. In fact servicing the point of purchase display industry is the largest part of our business.
We offer innovative design and manufacturing of plastic parts for Medical, Food, OEM, Consumer, Marine, Point-of-Purchase Displays and Electronics industries.

Fast delivery of quality parts is our specialty. In addition we can assist in design and produce almost any plastic product in a very short period of time.

Universal Gravo-Plast uses its decades of expertise in plastic materials to convert your idea into a finished product quickly and accurately.

At the left is a picture of another tool set of a small round part, a motorcycle kickstand pad and tool for a larger part for the display industry.
We work with inventors, engineers and designers to produce high quality plastic products. We use 2D and 3D CAD software.

I you don’t need our assistance just email us your CAD file and we will take care of the rest.

We are ready to answer your questions email, go to https://www.plasticmold.net/plastic-injection-tooling-manufacturing/