Molded Plastic Part & End Caps For Custom Aluminium & Plastic Extrusions

If you have a custom extrusion that requires covering, masking, protecting, or decorating with a molded plastic parts cap or plug, we can serve your needs.

Our plastic parts designed to fit your extrusion offer an attractive, inexpensive touch of quality to consumer products or offer tough, industrial protection depending on your needs. We manufacture molded plastic end caps and plugs for Aluminium or Plastic extrusions in various materials and custom colors.

Our custom plastic end caps and plugs are used for many applications including: automotive, metalworking, masking, refrigeration, lawn and garden, medical, university research, cosmetic, retail, furniture manufacturing and many others. For example end caps are commonly used at the end of an
aluminum or plastic extrusion to seal the end and give the product a finished look.

End caps are extensively used by the office and commercial furniture industry as well as for display fixtures and similar metal products in almost every industry.

Whether you need a variation of an existing style or a totally new design, we can provide the perfect custom solution for your product or project. Our in-house engineering team can design, build, and develop caps and plugs in any color, size and material to serve your needs. We can turn your ideas, from “back of envelope sketches” scaled drawings or 3D CAD files to a finished product in a short time. Our team has over 50 years of experience allowing us to produce the products that you want on time and at very competitive prices.

Mail, fax or email us a drawingsketch or CAD file and we’ll do the rest.

Because of our unique tooling system we are happy to produce a few or thousands of your molded plastic parts or end caps quickly and efficiently.

Post Mould Decorating

Our unique hot stamp process lets us hot stamp your company name, logo, character design, etc. on your moldings. Multi color and metallic printing is also available. If you need help we work with several local Canadian graphic industrial and product designers who can to assist you in the design of your logo or product.

Whether it’s one part or a hundred thousand parts we want to quote your business. Our team is committed to customer satisfaction.

We want to be the best supplier that you ever do business with.

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