Most females will have a hair dryer as part of their styling equipment collection, however none of them like the fact that they can be noisy!  As such, women try to find a quiet hair dryer that is just as effective as the noisier versions so they can style their hair at any time without worrying about disturbing the neighbors!

Quiet hair dryers are definitely not short on power or effectiveness.  In fact, they generally operate at 1875 watts, which means they push a lot of hot air to help in the drying process.  While there are other models of hair dryer that push more watts than that, in most cases women do not need a hair dryer with more power than what a typical quiet hair dryer can offer.  Unless you have very thick, hard to manage hair, a dryer that produces 1875 watts is more than enough for you!

If the main criterion for finding a hair dryer would be that it is quiet, choose from any of the following quiet hair dryer models that are available on the market:

  • Conair 1875 Watt Ceramic Quiet Styler Model 157rdr 1 Each – $18.00
  • Andis 30975/hd 10l 1600w Quiet Hangup Hair Dryer – $30.00
  • Helen Of Troy Hot Tools LITE n QUIET 1600W Turbo Hair Dryer #1069S – $27.00
  • Circle Of Friends Cricket Centrix Q ZONE QUIET Blow Dryer – $125.00

With a quiet hair dryer, you can style your hair anywhere and at any time without worrying about being a nuisance to those around you.  As you will see, the prices really are not that different from standard noisier versions.  And you definitely will not have to worry about getting value for your money because the quality of your hair style after drying will speak for itself!