Overall, China plastic mold whether in quantity or in quality, technology and capacity and so have a lot of progress, but with the national economic development needs, the world’s advanced level, the gap is still significant. Some large, sophisticated, complex, long-life die each year in the still large number of high-grade plastic imports. In total demand, while some low-grade plastic mold has an oversupply and intense market competition, there are some not too high-tech plastic mold has an oversupply of the mid-range trend.
      Joined the WTO, to the plastic mold industry has brought great challenges while offering more opportunities. As China-based plastic mold low-grade products, product price advantages are obvious, some even the price of foreign products only 1 / 5 ~ 1 / 3, after joining the WTO, the impact of similar foreign products on the domestic small and middle and low mold China export volume is increasing; in high-precision molds, before joining the WTO already rely mainly on imports, after joining the WTO, not only for imports of sophisticated products to bring more convenience, but also encourage more foreign investment to China to build plant, bringing advanced mold technology and management experience, professional training in China has played a role in promoting human mold.
       In 2006, China plastic mold output of about 300 billion RMB, of which exports about 58 billion RMB. According to customs statistics, China imported a total of 2006 plastic molds for about 10 billion U.S. dollars, or about 8.3 billion RMB. It follows that, in addition to production for own consumption, the market in 2006, China plastic mold is about 31.3 billion RMB of total demand, total supply of domestic mold is about 230 billion RMB in the market to meet the rate of 73.5%. Imports of plastic mold, is the most automobile supporting a variety of decorative mold, supporting a variety of molded case for the home appliance mold, communications and office equipment to support a variety of injection molds, extrusion dies for the building materials as well as supporting electronics industry supporting a variety of plastic molds. Exports of plastic mold products to mostly middle and low. As China plastic mold lower prices in the international market have a stronger competitive edge, so the prospect of further expansion of export good, average annual growth of exports in recent years, more than 50% is a good proof. 
      Although in recent years, mold growth than the import growth rate of exports, but the increase in absolute volume is still imported more than exports, resulting in mold trade deficit increased every year. This situation has improved in 2006, the deficit decreased slightly. Foreign trade deficit increased mold there are two main reasons: First, the sustained rapid growth, especially in the automotive industry’s rapid development has brought strong demand for molds, and some really high-end domestic production can not die, but to import; but it does have some China can produce mold, but also imports. This is China’s current tariff policy and the project approval system. The second is to encourage the export of the mold is not enough. Now, like mold and other electronic products, the export tax rebate rate of only 13%, while below 17%. 
      From a market perspective, plastic mold manufacturing enterprises should focus on the development of those high-tech large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long-life die, and vigorously develop the international market, the development of export mold. With China’s plastics industry, in particular, the rapid development of engineering plastics can be predicted that China’s pace of development of plastic mold tooling industry will continue to be higher than the overall growth rate in the next few years will maintain a 20% annual growth level.

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